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Low-cost Hungarian airline Wizz Air since 2010. operates in Serbia. At first, flights departed from Belgrade, and since last year also from Niš.


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Ryanair, an Irish low-cost airline, since 2016. operates in Serbia. Now you can fly from Niš to interesting world destinations thanks to this company.


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Swiss is the Swiss national airline. From Zurich, Geneva and Lugano, it flies to more than 100 destinations in 43 countries around the world.


Konstantin Veliki Nis Airport. Although it is considered one of the smaller airports, “Konstantin the Great” still offers an enviable offer when it comes to flights.
What especially attracts travelers are the cheap flights that can be realized through this airport and which really represent a special attraction in the last few years.

Who transports you from Niš airport?

On the “Travel House” website, you can find many destinations that can be reached by plane departing from Niš airport. In addition to the domestic air carrier “Air Serbia”, there are three more airlines present at Nis airport, namely “Swiss”, “Wizz air” and “Ryanair”. The last two names are known for their extremely favorable prices, which are also lower than the prices of domestic “Air Serbia” flights. For example, you can get to Vienna with Wizz for only about twenty euros, which is very cheap, and as for the destinations you can go to, the range of offers is very wide. Thus, with the carrier “Wizz air” you can fly to Basel, Vienna, Dortmund, Malmo, Memmingen, “Raynair” provides transportation to Berlin, then to Bratislava, Stockholm, Milan, Dusseldorf, while “Swiss” flies to Zurich. The possibility of flying to these destinations is twice a week, which is a huge advantage. The exceptional convenience of our site, specifically, lies in the fact that it offers a lot of information such as, for example. the duration of the flight itself, as well as all the details regarding the prices. In addition, through our search engine, you can buy a plane ticket for the desired destination with just one click, regardless of the location where you are at the moment, it is only important that you are connected to the Internet.
The second airline is the aforementioned “Ryanair”. The starting prices of one-way tickets range from 25 euros to 250 euros. However, as everywhere, it is important to follow our website here because there are frequent changes in flight prices, which can vary and change depending on different conditions: reservation, travel date, etc. That is why it is recommended to buy the ticket as early as possible, because in that case the ticket will be much cheaper. In addition, it is best to ask for all information about luggage when booking the ticket itself, because Raynair sometimes offers special discounts.
Air Serbia flights from Nis
According to the recent decision of the Government, the company “Air Serbia” has introduced flights from Niš to 12 more European cities, in addition to the existing 10 lines that already operate from “Constantine the Great”. This means that you can now fly to a total of 22 destinations from Niš. Regardless of the aforementioned introduction of new flights this year, the airport management made sure that there would be no overlap of flights, as well as some unscheduled situations that would lead to flight delays. In addition, “Air Serbia” has its base and planes in the city, so delays are rare and minimal.
When it comes to the countries to which you can fly from this city, the statistics look like this: 8 destinations in Germany, 2 in Switzerland, 3 in Italy, 2 in Austria, 3 in Sweden, and one destination each in Montenegro, Slovakia, Slovenia and Hungary. Thus, via this airline, you can travel to Tivat, Gothenburg, Frankfurt, Bologna. Ljubljana, Baden Baden, Hanover, Nuremberg, Rome, Salzburg, Budapest, Friedrichshafen. All flights to these destinations are planned to be realized twice a week, except that they are realized three times during the week to Tivat. Also, there is currently the greatest interest in this Montenegrin town, and those planes are the most full, and if the ticket is not booked in advance but is bought on the principle of today for tomorrow, it can be up to 20,000 dinars. All these flights are operated by Airbus A 319 aircraft.
As for other ticket prices, they are not much higher than other airlines operating in Niš. So, for example, for a trip to Tivat, Gothenburg, Ljubljana, Frankfurt and Bologna, you need to set aside around 50 euros for both directions, while for Rome you need to provide around 70 euros. The prices of other destinations are in a similar range.
When to buy a plane ticket for flights from Niš?
At the same time, it should be noted that it is not possible to book a plane ticket with these companies. The moment of purchase and how it plays a role when it comes to the price of the ticket. Thus, if the ticket is bought much earlier, e.g. about a month before the desired flight date, the ticket itself will be much cheaper than if it is booked within two days. Again, on the other hand, the advantage of an earlier reservation is also reflected in a safe seat on the plane. Moreover, as far as the classes that can be found in various airlines are concerned, “Wizz air” differs in that it does not distinguish between classes, but all tickets are economy. In addition, an important question when it comes to the flight is the luggage itself, and this company specifically offers much more flexible conditions than others. Namely, here passengers are recommended to carry as little luggage as possible, preferably hand luggage that can be brought onto the plane for free. At the same time, the policy of this company is that the smaller the luggage, the cheaper the ticket price.
Flights from Niš are very affordable, but prices change from minute to minute
As we said at the beginning, the prices of flights from Niš are very favorable, but it is necessary to keep in mind that these tariffs are variable and usually not fixed. Namely, they often change depending on the day of purchase, departure and arrival, reservation, season, destination itself, etc. Because of all this, it is best to follow our website and thus be up to date with all offers and possible changes. What further attracts travelers to these companies is that they often organize discounts, promotions and other types of promo travel packages.
All these companies are constantly expanding the range of their services, so it is best to keep up to date with their offers and decide on one of the mentioned trips as early as possible, because the prices are more than ideal!
As for the price of the tickets, check it yourself, since they are variable and depend on many factors such as the flight period or the demand for a certain destination.
How to buy a plane ticket?
You can buy plane tickets on-line through our website, by payment to a giro account or by personally coming to our office.

The numbers for information are 018 41 00 228 or 060 41 00 227.
General conditions of purchase
  • Who checks me before the flight?
    We you  we check and send the ticket to your email if you are not able to pick it up in our office. We can do this at the earliest 48 hours before the flight and at the latest 3 hours.
  • Can I pay the ticket in installments?
    Yes, you can pay for airline tickets in 3 installments.
  • What if I miss my flight?
    Airline tickets on low cost companies are non-refundable, so there are no refunds.
  • Can luggage exceed the prescribed dimensions?
    If this happens at the airport, you will have to pay a surcharge in the amount of  25 euros on Wizz, while on Ryanair there is an extra charge of 10 to 25 euros depending on the excess weight.
  • Can I buy travel insurance at your agency and is it mandatory when passing the police checkpoint at the airport?
    Yes, you can buy it from us. We recommend that you buy it both for your own sake and for the reason that the police often check whether the traveler has travel health insurance and can deny him entry into the country if he does not have it.


Read answers to the most common questions that travelers encounter

Passengers can carry luggage weighing:
– 8 kg on Swiss
– 10 kg on Ryanair
– Wizz Air has no weight restrictions.
-On Wizz, small cabin bag dimensions (max: 42×32×25 cm)
-On Ryanair, hand luggage measuring 55x40x20 cm plus smaller hand luggage measuring up to 35x20x20 cm.
If the check-in is not done online, passengers will have to pay at the airport:
-30e Air Serbia,
-35e Wizz Air,
-45e Ryanair.
-Passengers can carry liquids with them in hand luggage, but only in special plastic cases. They can be purchased at Lilia. The maximum volume of liquid per bottle (perfume or something else) can be 100 ml, and the total volume of liquid cannot exceed one liter.
The allowed dimensions should not be exceeded. Bags are placed in special cages during check-in, so if they cannot fit in them, you will be charged from 2500 rsd and up depending on the destination.
It is not possible to buy a ticket with an open return date.
It is possible, but travel date changes are subject to additional charges. Sometimes the surcharge can be higher than what the ticket was.
We advise passengers 2 hours earlier.
You can, but you have to pay extra.
We check you in and send you the ticket by e-mail or Viber.

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