Airport transfers

Transfer of passengers by high-class passenger vehicle to the airport in Belgrade, Sofia, Skopje and other locations at the request of the passenger.

Airport transfers and limo service

Do you need a transfer to or from Niš, Belgrade or Sofia airports? Our airport transfers are punctual, fast, efficient and safe!

Airport transfers and limo service from Nis airport

If you need a transfer from or to the airport in Niš, Belgrade, or Skopje, contact us by phone or email and find out all the details related to the limo service offered by our agency! If you want to rent a car with a driver for another purpose – for a business trip, going to an important meeting or a private event, contact one of our agents!
As a luxury form of service and passenger transportation, limo service is a very popular option, especially when it comes to business trips and airport transfers. Whether you need transportation to one of the airports in the area or you want a chauffeured limousine to meet you at one of them and take you to an important meeting or conference, a limo service is an excellent solution.
And that’s not all, because our limo service is not limited to airport transfers. A personal driver in our cars can take you on all other business or private trips, and one of the most popular options is renting a limousine with a driver for special occasions and important private events, such as weddings, graduations, hen and stag nights. Send us an inquiry and you will receive the best offer fully adapted to your needs and wishes.
Airport transfers Nis – Skoplje and Skoplje – Nis
If you need a transfer from Nis to Skopje airport or vice versa – from Skopje airport to Constantine the Great airport in Nis, contact our agents and book your appointment. Our drivers will wait for you in Skopje or Niš and realize the transfer in the safest and most efficient way. Driving in our luxury cars will make your journey from Nis to Skopje and from Skopje to Nis pleasant and comfortable.
Airport transfers Nis – Belgrade and Belgrade – Nis
We also provide luxury transfers between Niš and Belgrade airport. Whether you need transportation from Constantine the Great Airport to Nikola Tesla Airport or from Belgrade Airport to Nis Airport, it is enough to call us or send us an inquiry and book a transfer at the desired time. Our professional chauffeurs and comfortable cars will provide you with luxurious, comfortable and maximally safe transportation from Niš to Belgrade and from Belgrade to Niš.
Airport transfers Belgrade – Sofia and Sofia – Belgrade
If you want to travel from Belgrade to Sofia airport in the fastest, most comfortable and safest way, or from Sofia to Belgrade Nikola Tesla airport, you are in the right place! The Travel House organizes airport transfers from Belgrade to Sofia and vice versa, from Sofia to Belgrade, at times that suit each client. Our driver will meet you at the airport at the agreed time, collect your luggage and drive you to the airport in Belgrade or Sofia in a car of your choice. No waiting, delays and frustration about the parking space – you will get to the desired airport safely and quickly!
What makes a limo service different from other types of service transportation?
First of all, it is a completely professional service that includes a luxury transfer in the latest comfortable car models. House of Travel offers you limo service and airport transfers with a professional driver who is at your disposal at all times during the trip and during a pre-arranged time period. Of course, discretion when it comes to drivers is fully guaranteed.
When it comes to the choice of vehicles, we have a large fleet with different car models from A to E class. Renting exclusive models is the most comfortable option for luxury passenger transportation, especially if the transfer is for longer trips. All our vehicles are new, equipped with all safety and technical systems that guarantee maximum safety and driving comfort.
If you choose a limo service for an airport transfer to or from Nis Constantine the Great Airport, Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport, Sofia Airport or any other airport in the area, and you want the greatest possible comfort, our fleet includes luxury models such as, say, a BMW 520D with a professional driver. This means that you will be able to completely relax and enjoy the ultimate in comfort and luxury. And what’s even better, this type of service transportation will cost you less than, for example, renting a classic taxi.
In fact, there are many reasons why you should use our limo service, and we will list a few of the main ones.
A completely relaxed and luxurious ride
Let’s say that you have just landed at the airport of Constantine the Great in Niš, Belgrade’s Nikola Tesla or, for example, at the airport in Sofia and you are very tired from the trip, but you do not want to stay in one of the hotels and waste your time. That’s where our limo service comes in, and all you have to do is contact our agency before the flight, choose the airport transfer option and book a limousine with a driver.
After you land and get off the plane, the limousine will already be waiting for you in the airport parking lot. The chauffeur will bring your luggage into the vehicle, and you will immediately be able to get comfortable in the back seat of the car. While traveling to your final destination, you can reply to received emails and text messages, you can take a nap if you are too tired from the flight, or you can simply enjoy the comfortable ride.
Likewise, if you need transportation to a business meeting that is very important to you and you think that driving alone will tire you, you can hire a limo service from the House of Travel. While you are driving comfortably, you can go through the papers one more time and additionally prepare for the meeting or relax a little before important conversations with business partners.
Safety at the highest level with professional drivers
The advantages of using a limo service are numerous, but the most important is certainly the maximum safe driving. First of all, all vehicles from our car fleet are regularly serviced and maintained, so the possibility of breakdown is reduced to a minimum.
In addition, you can be completely sure that the steering wheel of the car you are driving is in the right hands! Our drivers are top professionals with a huge number of kilometers traveled and many years of experience, who know all the routes very well. This gives you additional guarantees that the road will run in the best possible order. Moreover, due to the large number of routes they drive regularly, we are sure that our drivers will find the shortest and best route to your destination.
And that’s not all – our services are available to all clients non-stop, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so we are at your disposal at all times, even if some unforeseen circumstances may arise, we are ready and will do our best to remove them as soon as possible.
Renting a limousine will make a strong impression on clients
Let’s say that you are waiting for a very important client at the Constantine the Great airport in Nis, and you have decided on a limo service. Renting a limousine with a driver to meet your client without any hesitation will leave a positive impression on him. On the one hand, it says that you are very serious when it comes to work and that you leave nothing to chance. On the other hand, you will let your client or business partner know that you consider them very important and that you really care about them.
You can choose the option to send a limousine to pick up the client or, even better, to wait for him personally with a limousine and a driver at any airport in Serbia or in the surrounding area. While the chauffeur drives you, you can show your business partner some of the sights of the city from the vehicle or even start a business conversation in the comfortable seats of a luxury car.
No delay
How many times have you heard the sentence: “The vehicle will arrive at the address in 10 minutes” when you called a taxi? Or even worse: “Currently we don’t have any free vehicles”. If you rent a classic taxi or wait for a bus, not everything depends on you and it can easily happen that you don’t arrive at your destination on time. Any delay, even a minimal one, will not leave a good impression and can cost you quite a bit.
That’s why it’s best not to leave things to chance, especially when it comes to very important business partners and meetings that can turn your business in a positive direction by 360 degrees. Book our limo service or airport transfer in time and the driver with the limousine will arrive at least 15 minutes before the plane lands or before you leave the office or apartment. Also, our professional drivers will choose the best and fastest routes that will take you to the desired place.
That is why it is very important to make a good choice and hire a reliable agency that will provide you with a fast, safe and luxurious transfer to or from the airports in Nis, Sofia, Belgrade, and make your trip as pleasant as possible.
You don’t have to worry about parking
Especially in big cities like Belgrade, Niš or Sofia, parking can be quite a big problem. First of all, what concerns finding a free place, that is, the time it takes. Well, if you drive alone, you may end up wasting a lot of time looking for a free parking space and thus be late for an important meeting. By taking the service of our limo service, i.e. renting a limousine and a personal chauffeur, you will easily solve this problem.
Our professional driver will drop you off at your most convenient location, in front of the entrance of the building where your office or meeting place is located, and wait for you at the same place at the agreed time after you finish your duties. Meanwhile, while you are at an important meeting, the driver will take care of the parking space.
These are just some of the reasons to choose a limo service, hopefully enough for you to consider hiring our agency when you plan a business trip or need an airport transfer in the future. It is quite certain that you will not be able to find a safer and more comfortable trip! Travel for business or pleasure in style and enjoy a luxurious ride! Finally, one more important fact needs to be emphasized – although most people think that renting a limo and driver is an expensive option, it doesn’t have to be like that at all. Limo service is no longer a luxury, but has become a necessity for many, especially business people.


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The price of transportation depends on the route and the number of passengers.
No, we drive to the destination requested by the client.
Transportation is carried out by Škoda vehicles of the latest generation. Safety, reliability and comfort are our priorities.
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Yes, there is that possibility.

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