General rental conditions

The PRICE of the car per day includes a billing period of 24 hours from the time the vehicle is picked up, with the possibility of a tolerance of up to 1 hour when returning the car. All prices are expressed in Euros, and payment is made in dinars at the selling rate of Bank Intesa, when picking up the vehicle, in cash.
The prices displayed on the website represent the lowest and refer to rentals of 30+ days.
LEAVING SERBIA with our car is possible with our consent and payment of a fee of 30 euros. If you want to travel outside the borders of our country, please let us know in advance, otherwise we will stamp your authorization for a vehicle in which that option is prohibited.
WORKING HOURS Every pre-booked pickup or return of the vehicle 30 minutes before or after working hours is free of charge. Collection or return of the car that is 31 minutes or more after the closing of the office, i.e. 31 minutes before the opening of the office, is subject to an additional charge of 15 euros.
DELIVERY OF THE VEHICLE is possible and is subject to an additional charge upon agreement.
RETURNING THE VEHICLE TO ANOTHER LOCATION is also possible. Let’s say you pick up the vehicle at Nikola Tesla Airport in Belgrade, and return it at Konstantin Veliki Airport in Nis.
This service is charged additionally according to the following price list:
Belgrade Airport – Niš Airport (and vice versa): €85
We reserve the right to rent you a car of the same or higher class under the same conditions if we do not have any available cars
Article 1. After the expiration of the vehicle rental agreement, the Lessee is obliged to return the leased item in the condition in which he received it.
Article 2. The lease runs from the day of signing the contract and handing over the things given for use and use to the Lessee.
Article 3. The contract handed over to the lessee consists of 2 numbered pages on one sheet.
The contracting parties have read the provisions of that contract, and by signing that contract, they accept all the rights and obligations arising from it.
Article 4. All possible disputes that may arise during the implementation of this contract will be resolved by agreement between the parties, and in the absence of an agreement, the jurisdiction of the Basic Court in Nis is agreed upon.
Article 5. The contract is drawn up in 2 identical copies, of which each contracting party keeps one copy for its own needs.
Article 6. Documents and equipment: The vehicle is equipped with all necessary documents and equipment, and the Lessee is fully responsible for them.
The documents to be handed over to the Lessee are the following:
  • vehicle registration certificate, i.e. traffic license
  • insurance policy
  • green card if contracted
  • roadside assistance policy
  • user manual for the vehicle
The equipment handed over to the Lessee consists of:
  • keys
  • first aid kit
  • towing cables
  • fluorescent vest
  • triangle
  • spare wheel
  • wrench for changing the wheel and jack
Article 7. The lessee undertakes to reasonably exploit (use) the item within the limits of normal depreciation and store it with the care of a good householder, that is, a businessman. The tenant is responsible for damage that could be caused by carelessness or excessive use and use of things that would not be recognized by the insurance company.
Article 8. With regard to matters not specifically regulated by this contract, the parties agree that the provisions of the Law on Obligations shall be applied to them.
Article 9. The vehicle in question must not be used, driven or driven:
  • for paid transportation of passengers and goods
  • according to the contract concluded on the basis of false statements, e.g., age, address…
  • for any type of competition
  • speed tests or races
  • for driving or towing any vehicle or object
  • when it is not in roadworthy condition or is overloaded with too many passengers or luggage
  • at a speed higher than that prescribed for a certain road category.
The aforementioned restrictions are cumulative and each of them applies to each use of the rental vehicle. The lessor declines responsibility for any loss or damage caused by non-compliance with the above prohibitions.
Article 10. The Lessee is obliged to cover the cost of renting a replacement vehicle to the Lessor in the event of a traffic accident, for which it is determined that the Lessee is responsible, for the duration of the repair of the vehicle in question.
Article 11. Length of rental, pick-up and return of the vehicle:
The time of returning the vehicle must be identical to the time when the vehicle was picked up. In case of a delay of more than 60 minutes, an additional rental day will be charged and will be charged from the deposit.
The vehicle is the inalienable property of the Lessor at all times and is delivered in correct mechanical condition. The lessee will return the vehicle, except for normal wear and tear, together with all tires and equipment in the same condition as when it was picked up at the place and on the date specified on the first page of this contract.
Article 12. Lease extension:
When the lessee wants to extend the vehicle lease, he must notify the lessee one day in advance . In case of non-fulfillment of this condition, it is considered that the Lessee has illegally appropriated the vehicle and the Lessor is obliged to report it to the prosecutor’s office.
Article 13. Fuel:
Fuel is included in the rental price. The vehicle is delivered with the fuel tank level stated on the first page of the contract. If the vehicle is not returned with such condition in the fuel tank, the lessee will be charged for the fuel used from the deposit.
Article 14. Maintenance:
The lessee undertakes to take care of the vehicle and regularly check the oil level in the engine, coolant in the radiator and the prescribed tire pressure.
Article 15. Faults:
Repairs or replacement of parts on the vehicle can only be carried out in authorized service centers with the prior approval of the Lessor. Reimbursement of costs is made with attached receipts from the authorized service where the repair was performed and the mandatory delivery of replaced parts. If the repair was carried out without the lessor’s approval and no replacement parts were brought, the costs are not recognized. If, when returning the vehicle, it is found that some part of the vehicle or equipment has been changed or lost, the Lessee will be charged for damages in the amount of three times the market value of the changed or lost part or equipment.
If it is established that the breakdown of the vehicle was caused by the lessee’s negligence, the cost calculation will be issued after the final inspection of the vehicle by the authorized service.
If during the lease there is a breakdown that caused the vehicle to be unroadworthy, the Lessee will immediately notify the Lessor, move the vehicle off the road and secure it until it is taken over by the Lessor .
Renter will be refunded for unused rental time.
Article 16. Insurance:
In case of damage, the tenant who chose the FULL KASKO insurance service participates with a relative participation of 20% and/or an absolute participation of 200 euros in any damage caused. The tenant who did not choose the aforementioned service fully participates in any damage caused. If it is not written on the first page of the contract, it is considered that the tenant did not choose the FULL KASKO service.
In no case does the insurance cover damage caused to the interior of the vehicle, damage to tires and wheels, engine crankcase, and a damaged or lost key.
If any of the above-mentioned damages are found, the same must be compensated in full when returning the vehicle.
The renter bears the costs of damage to the vehicle in the following cases:
  • if there is no police report on the accident or the damage done to the vehicle
  • if it is established that he was under the influence of alcohol or narcotic drugs as a participant in the traffic accident
  • if it is established that the accident was caused by not observing the light signals, i.e. passing through red and yellow lights, or by not respecting the speed limit, i.e. traffic regulations
  • if the damage was caused intentionally or due to gross negligence in driving
In case of theft of the vehicle, the Lessee is obliged to immediately inform the nearest police station, make a record of the committed crime and hand over the original documents and keys to the Lessor. The Lessee undertakes to cooperate with the Lessor in the investigation and discovery of the perpetrator of the crime committed. If the Lessee does not fulfill the requirements of this article, he is obliged to bear the costs caused by the theft of the vehicle himself.
Article 17. Traffic accidents:
Any traffic accident must be reported to the Lessor immediately, after which the Lessor will inform the police. Then, in the presence of the police, it is necessary to fill out a report with all the data about the traffic accident and forward it to the Lessor. The Lessee undertakes to cooperate with the Lessor in the investigation and procedure of the relevant accident. If the Tenant does not fulfill the requirements of this article, he is obliged to bear the costs caused by the accident himself.
Article 18. Loss of ownership:
The Lessor is not responsible for the Lessee’s personal property or the personal property of another person left in the Lessor’s rented vehicle. By signing this contract, the tenant expressly waives any claim arising from the aforementioned losses and related damages.
Article 19. The lessor has the right to control the vehicle at any time. If during the inspection it is established that the vehicle is not being used in accordance with the provisions of this contract, the Lessor is authorized to confiscate the vehicle from the Lessee on the spot.
Article 20. The vehicle can leave the Republic of Serbia only with the approval of the Lessor, which is clearly indicated on the first page.
Article 21. Additional charges apply:
  • Delivery or collection of vehicles outside of Niš, and outside of working hours
  • Washing a heavily soiled vehicle EUR 30
  • All interior and exterior damage, outside of a registered accident
  • Alarm device key lost
  • Smoking in the car 30 eur
Article 22. The Lessor is not responsible for damages caused to the User of the Service due to a breakdown of the vehicle during the rental period, as well as for damages caused to the User of the Service due to a delay in the delivery of the vehicle. The Lessor has the right to inspect the vehicle that is rented from the Service User.
Article 23. The service user undertakes to protect the interests of the Lessor and his insurance company in the event of a traffic accident by:
  • record the names and addresses of the participants and witnesses of the accident
  • insure the damaged vehicle
  • immediately notify the Lessor of the damage, even if it is minor
  • call and wait for the traffic police to arrive
Article 24. Payment is in advance with a mandatory deposit.
Article 25. In case of dispute, the court in Nis is competent.